Credit Management Policy

Credit Management Policy


Your telephone or internet bill

Binary Networks will provide you with a monthly bill for your phone or internet services (unless you have an annual subscription or other arrangement).

Paying your bill

Each bill is due for payment within 10 days from the issue date of the invoice.  In some circumstances, we may extend 30 day credit terms. It is your responsibility to make sure payment is cleared and processed by the due date.

If you are unable to make payment in full by the payment date, you are responsible for contacting us to request an extension or to follow the process as outlined in our financial hardship policy. The financial hardship policy is located on our website.

We accept payment in the form of BPAY (electronic banking) or Credit card (Visa/Mastercard).  We do not accept cheques without prior arrangement.

Part payments

If you are unable to make full payment on a bill due to financial hardship, please consider making part payment (where possible) and advise us accordingly.  This means we can follow a fair and reasonable credit management process.  If your account is in arrears more than 60 days and you have not contacted us to claim financial hardship, your service may be suspended or disconnected despite the partial payment.

Repeated non-payment or late payments

Where a consumer repeatedly fails to pay by the due date or has an account more than 30 days in arrears, we reserve the right to change your credit terms or request a security deposit or place you on a pre-payment scheme.

Notices of suspension or cancellation

If your bill is overdue we will provide you with written notice via email at the following milestones:

10 days overdue              – Written Email
30 days overdue              – Written Email
60 days overdue               – Suspension Letter
90 days overdue              – Cancellation Letter
90+ days overdue            – Debt Recovery Action

We may also contact you via telephone to discuss your account however it is your responsibility to ensure you receive and response to the notices provided.

Cancellation or credit management fees

We may apply a disconnection fee, early termination fee, late payment or other administrative fee to your account where your bill is more than 30 days overdue (where applicable).

Termination of your services

In the event that your services are terminated due to non-payment, this may result in:

  • A loss of the telephone number issued (which cannot be reclaimed in some circumstances)
  • Your telephone or internet services will cease to function
  • Your debt will be reported to a credit reporting body
  • The debt may be passed to a collection agency or debt buyer.

We may also take legal action to recover the debt and any costs incurred by us.

Refusal to supply

If one or more bills are overdue, we may refuse to:

  • Supply you with additional goods or services
  • Upgrade your plan or increase your spend with us
  • Increase your credit terms
  • Enable or disable particular service features in relation to your phone or internet account.

until the debt is cleared.

We will continue to provide technical support, identify and resolve any faults that may arise, in an appropriate and timely manner (until the service is suspended or terminated).


Communication is key

Please familiarise yourself with our financial hardship policy.  You can email or call us at any time to let us know if a payment is late and we are happy to arrange a mutually beneficial payment plan to suit your requirements.

If you keep us updated with your situation and can make regular part-payments, this minimises the chance that credit management action will be taken and your services affected.