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Ethernet First Mile (EFM) Broadband

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) Broadband provides fast, cheap, reliable internet connectivity for businesses that have outgrown traditional broadband, but where Fibre services are still too expensive.

Sometimes called EOC (Ethernet over Copper), our EFM business broadband solution is provisioned over multiple copper pairs from the exchange, instead of expensive fibre optic connections.

Ethernet First Mile achieves reliability by provisioning a number of copper pairs into a single connection. If any of the pairs fails, the connection keeps running at a lower speed, making it fault tolerant.

Our EFM Broadband solution can deliver up to 80Mbps in many areas across Australia.

Key Features:

  • New and cheap leased line technology providing cost benefits
  • Excellent resilient service due to multiple pairs; if one pair fails, the service continues over the remaining pairs
  • Ethernet presentation simplifies router choices or can be plugged directly into a firewall
  • Cost efficient


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