Managing unauthorised account access

Managing unauthorised account access

Binary Networks implements a number of processes and procedures to ensure consumer accounts are not accessed by unauthorised persons.

This includes:

  • Verifying that all email correspondence matches the primary email address on our records.

  • Confirming all service cancellations in writing to the primary email address.

  • Performing an ID Check for all telephone enquiries by verifying account name, number, contact name and billing address.

  • Not handing out confidential or financially sensitive information to any parties unless in writing from the account holder.

  • Consumers may also opt to have a password or PIN on their account which is requested before any telephone enquiries are lodged.

  • We may “call back” the primary contact on the telephone number listed on their account if we have suspicion the caller is not authorised or impersonating the primary contact.

We do not share information or accept changes to the account from any contact that is not the primary account holder, authorised representative, or advocate.