Inbound Calling – 13/1300/1800

Inbound 13/1300/1800 Services

Binary Networks puts you in charge of your inbound services. You can control where, when and how your calls are answered to suit traffic volumes and your business requirements.

Binary Inbound Services provide 1800, 1300 and 13 virtual inbound numbers for business customers.

Inbound services are widely used in business as a way of providing easy contact with customers, suppliers and others, and are a powerful tool in bringing customers to you as well as in marketing your products and services.

Binary provides a full range of intelligent inbound call functions via the Binary Voice Network.

Doing business overseas?

Binary Networks has a range of affordable International Toll Free options. Find out more.

Inbound Types

Features & Benefits

Geographic Routing

Provides you with control over where and how calls are answered based on where they originate. Geographic control can be fine tuned from whole states or districts, down to smaller localities and even exchange areas and post codes.

Day & Time Routing

Provides control over where calls are answered based on the date and time. You may choose from standard business hours and public holiday management, or even create your own customised plan. You can choose to send calls to another call centre or even a recording. It’s your choice.

Overflow Routing

Provides control where alternative call treatment is required when your call centre is busy. You may divert calls to another destination. You can choose different call treatment for busy or no answer. You can even distribute your call traffic over two or more answering locations in any volume ratio you need. You have control.

Full Portability

If you have an existing inbound number, and wish to take control of your own service, we can help transfer your service to Binary Networks. Inbound Number Portability allows you to keep your existing number and benefit from the advanced call management and reporting features of the Binary Voice Network.