Data Backup

Data Backup

Online backup is the ultimate tool for businesses to secure their important data and want peace of mind.

Binary Networks offers a secure service to protect and manage your data in an easy to use online backup system. Our fully automated remote online backup system will ensure that your data is secure and ready for use at any location any time.

Binary Networks understands the importance of online backup that is why we have copies of your encrypted data automatically replicated to our online backup sites in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland for additional protection.

Each successive online backup will transfer all the information that has changed since the last backup. You can restore any of your data either from a web browser or you can request an image on a USB drive in the event of complete system failure.

• Never run out of capacity
• Private and secure file exchange
• Remove the irritation, risk and cost of local tape backup
• World-class data protection technology and strict security management policies ensure privacy of all your critical business files
• Online backup for multiple computers with one account

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