Reseller Program

Reseller Program

Are you an IT company or IT consultant? Are you sick of referring customers to ISP's that don't reward you for referrals? Do these ISP's provide a poor connection and support? If so Binary Networks has a solution for you.

Binary Networks are offering a reseller program which will give you the visibility and tools needed to support your clients. With our management team having over 40 years years combined experience we know what is needed. Any of your customers that are referred to Binary Networks will give you access to the following.

Also on offer are referral fees which depending on the customer can be paid upfront or a ongoing trailing fee. Please contact us for further information by filling out the form on the contact us page or calling us on 1300 BINARY.

Tools & Features


You will be given access to our monitoring software for your broadband customers. It will provide important information for trouble shooting.


You can see if the customers internet connection is authenticated, the current IP address, time online and download usage.

ADSL Tools

See the current line stats of a service such as sync rate, SNR and attenuation. Complete port builds and add stability profiles to the line.

Support Portal

Provides a ticket system to lodge support tickets and other inquires, FAQ's, recommended configurations for hardware, and network information such as mail server details.



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