ADSL2+ Broadband

Available at over 350 exchanges, Binary Networks ADSL2+ Broadband is designed for small and medium businesses.

ADSL2+ Broadband

Binary Networks ADSL2+ Broadband is the next generation of ADSL broadband and is one of the fastest types of internet connections currently available in Australia.

Our ADSL2+ Broadband services are compatible with hundreds of different types of modems and routers. Binary Networks are committed to delivering fast internet, great value and flawless customer service.

Download speeds vary and is determined by the distance to the exchange and quality of the copper line, most customers experience between 10Mbps to 20Mbps.  Your modem will sync at the highest possible speed on your line. Refer to ADSL2+ exchanges to get an idea of what speeds you can achieve.

ADSL2+ Broadband benefits:

  • We consult with our customers to ensure your needs are addressed now and in the future
  • Static IP address
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy set up and unlimited technical support over the phone
  • Use your phone (or fax) while online
  • Leave your internet and email constantly connected

How does ADSL2+ Broadband work?

ADSL2+ Broadband (sometimes known as ADSL or ADSL2) stands for ‘Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line’. It is a type of internet connection that uses the same telephone line already connected to most homes.

Unlike dialup modems, ADSL works on a different frequency to the phone, so you can remain connected to the Internet even while making and receiving telephone calls.

ADSL2+ Broadband can deliver speeds up to 20Mbps downstream (from the Internet) and up to 1Mbps upstream (to the Internet).

Read to make the switch to ADSL2+ Broadband?

We have a range of affordable, reliable ADSL2+ broadband solutions to suit your business.